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Association of Leptin and Dried Fruit Mix and Nuts With Craving During Smoking Cessation


The objective of this study was to assess dried fruitmix and nuts and their effect on craving associated with the serum leptin of tobacco smokers.
Materials and Methods:

This is a clinical intervention study with a nonproba-bilistic sample (n = 23). The intervention group (IG) received 30 g of dried fruit and mix, and the control group (CG) received standard interventions. Test craving was analyzed using the Questionnaire of Smoking Urges (QSU-Brief). Serum leptin was assessed at the beginning and after 3 weeks. The data was tested using the SPSS program through the Shapiro-Wilk, unpaired Student t, or Mann-Whitney tests and multivariate linear regression.


The study showed significant difference between initial and final weights and body mass indices. The IG showed a high degree of smoking dependence. The IG showed reduced craving. In the CG, median serum leptin levels showed increased craving in the second and third weeks.

Our results establish that craving decreased among smokers only in the IG. In the CG, above-median serum leptin levels reported a greater sense of pleasure in the second week. And in the third week, they experienced difficulties maintaining abstinence.

Keywords: tobacco smoking, craving, serum leptin, dried fruit, nuts.


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